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The Queen

Russia launches extraordinary attack on The Queen claiming Sergei Skripal’s cat was killed in her name

Russian State TV has launched an extraordinary attack on The Queen, claiming that the 91-year-old Monarch is responsible for the death of a former Russian spy’s cat.

In an evening news bulletin, it was stated that the cat, who was called Nash von Drake, was “caught, killed and cremated” in the name of The Queen.

The newsreader added that the cat’s “execution” occurred after Her Majesty and experts decided to euthanise the animal.

The TV presenter said: “They caught it, killed it and cremated it in the name of The Queen.

“The cat, a local black Persian with the proud name of Nash von Drake, was discovered in a very sad and distressed condition.

“That’s when they decided to put the devoted, heroic cat to sleep, or as they say in the UK, Nash von Drake the cat was euthanised.

“Euthanasia is a voluntary process and the cat didn’t seek death. The experts and Her Majesty made this decision for it.”

The TV station also inferred that The Queen might have been complicit in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal who were exposed to a nerve agent in Salisbury a month ago.

He said: “What is going on with The Queen? Is Her Majesty being deceived, or is she in on it?

“How will either possibly affect her reputation?

“Does The Queen even care what her nationals, burdened with authority, are doing?

“Perhaps she does, or perhaps she no longer cares.

“Either way, what is her role as the highest moral authority in the Kingdom? Is it to remain silent? If it is, it’s highly similar to protection.

“In what cases should the moral authority figure speak up?

“The only thing we are sure of right now is that The Queen doesn’t approve of the cremation of Skripal’s two guinea pigs because burning the bodies of dead pets looks like destruction of evidence.”

It is believed they came into contact with the poison at their home. They are recovering in hospital with the only deaths being those of family pets.

Britain has accused Russia of being behind the poisoning, something the country vehemently denies.