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Queen could move out of Buckingham Palace

The Queen might be forced to move out of Buckingham Palace while it undergoes £150 million in repairs.

It would mark the first time a monarch has been forced to move out of Buckingham Palace since Queen Victoria designated it an official residence in 1837.

King George VI and his wife famously remained ensconced in Buckingham Palace during the London Blitz of the Second World War.

Most of Buckingham Palace’s state rooms have been left untouched and undecorated since the Queen took the throne 64 years ago.

Sir Robert McAlpine has been asked to assess the renovations to the Palace. The company is also behind the Millennium Dome, the Olympic Stadium, the Dorchester Hotel, and the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which was featured in four Harry Potter movies.

The Palace is in need of plumbing and wiring repairs, as well as asbestos removal. It has been reported that much of the plumbing and wiring dates back to 1949.

In the past, Princess Anne has had to duck out of the way to avoid falling masonry.Staff members have used buckets to stop rain from destroying the antiques and artwork on display at the palace.

It was reported in 2014 that repairs to Buckingham Palace were delayed so that repairs to Kensington Palace, namely Apartment 1A, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live, could be completed.

In 2013-14, £800,000 was spent to remove asbestos in the basement at Buckingham Palace so that new electrical wiring and duct covers could be installed.

The refurbishment costs will likely be published this summer when the palace’s accounts are revealed. Last year £13.3 million was spent on property maintenance.

The Queen and Prince Philip would take up residence at Windsor Castle for an unknown period of time, along with their staff of 426, while repairs take place.

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