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The Queen

President Obama wishes Queen a happy birthday

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, has recorded a special birthday message for The Queen as she approaches her 90th birthday.

In his message, President Obama described Her Majesty as “an inspiration” and a vital part of America’s “special relationship” with the UK.

Recorded from the White House, Mr Obama said he was “glad to be the very first President of the United States to wish a British monarch a happy 90th birthday”.

His birthday message was recorded as part of the upcoming ITV documentary ‘Our Queen at Ninety’, which will air tonight at 8pm.

The Queen, who will turn 90 on April 21, is the subject of a two hour documentary where senior royals pay tribute and share memories of her long reign.

In his message, the President said: “For nine decades Her Majesty has been a source of strength and inspiration, not only for the people of Britain, but for millions of people around the world.

“And when The Queen hosted Michelle and me at Buckingham Palace we saw the same grace and good humour, that generous human touch that the people of the United Kingdom have loved for generations.

“My girls were especially excited to receive a guided tour of the Palace when they visited on Sasha’s own birthday.

“We often speak of the deep and enduring partnership between our two countries. It is indeed a special relationship. And Her Majesty has been a vital part of what keeps our relationship so special.

“The United States is extremely grateful for her steady and energetic leadership and we look forward to Her Majesty’s continued service in the years to come. Happy birthday, your Majesty.”

President Obama is scheduled to visit the United Kingdom next month where as part of his itinerary he will dine with the Queen at Windsor Castle.

The lunch is expected to take place just a few days after Her Majesty celebrates her milestone birthday.

This will likely be the 54-year-old’s last visit to the UK before his term in office comes to an end in January when a new President will be elected.