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The Queen

President Biden invites The Queen to stay at the White House

President Biden has invited The Queen to visit the United States of America.

On Sunday evening, the President and First Lady enjoyed tea at Windsor Castle where they discussed a variety of topics.

When asked by reporters if he had invited The Queen to visit the White House, President Biden replied: “Yes.”

The invitation came about after the 95-year-old monarch asked what it was like to live in the White House.

Biden said he told the monarch that “we could fit the White House in the courtyard” of Windsor Castle

Unfortunately, it is unlikely The Queen will return to the White House – a place she last visited in 2007.

Her Majesty retired from international travel a number of years ago, although it is more than possible that other members of The Royal Family could visit on her behalf in the near future.

The president added that during their discussions, Her Majesty asked him about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Joe and Jill Biden were arrived at Windsor Castle on Marine One, and stayed for around an hour.

In that time, President Biden inspected the guard of honour whilst Her Majesty and Dr Biden watched on.