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The Queen

How our readers are celebrating The Queen’s 90th birthday

Royal Central recently asked you, our readers, how you will be celebrating The Queen’s 90th birthday tomorrow. We have compiled a collection of the best ideas below for you to enjoy.

On Facebook, Jimmy Howard Birtwell from Canada has got a very ‘British’ day planned out. He says: “I will be listening to ‘God Save the Queen’ in the morning and I will treat myself to a nice British cup of Tea using a teapot that has Union Flags on the side and reads ‘I am brewing for Britain’. I will drink it from a mug which is decorated with the Union Flag. I shall display my 3×5 British flag in the yard as well as the old 3×5 Canadian Red Ensign in our front window. At dinner I will toast Her Majesty The Queen and wish her a long and continued reign.”

Valerie Berry Woodnutt who commented on the British Monarchist League’s page said: “I am British but live in America now. I am having an Afternoon Tea for some British and American friends and we will toast Her Majesty with Champagne. I wish Her Majesty a Very Happy 90th Birthday, long live The Queen.”

Wendy Harrison will also be celebrating with afternoon tea. She told us: I’m having afternoon tea with my Grandson at his Primary School as they will be celebrating the Queen’s birthday.”

Craig Anthony Bishop will be taking part in the national beacon lighting ceremonies. He says he will be: Watching the beacon being lit in my hometown of Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire in England followed by cake.”

Linda Joneli is a British expat living in southern California. She says: “The front of our motor coach will be trimmed up, I have ordered a birthday cake with “Happy Birthday Ma’am” and friends will be coming round for Birthday cake Ice cream and plenty of the fizzy stuff.”

Some will be celebrating with something a little but stronger than tea though, including Greg Kelly. He says: American here but loves the British and the Royals. Going to find the nearest British pub and celebrate Her majesty’s birthday with song and cheer and a toast to her.”

Anna Short says: “At the primary school I work in we will be celebrating by dressing up. The children and staff will either be coming to school dressed as a member of the royal family or dressed in red, white and blue.”

Also on Facebook, Jennie Cole says: Bowling! The Queen is our Patron and was wonderful to our members a couple of years ago when she met everyone at Windsor. They all had individual photos taken of her. We will be raising a glass to Her Majesty on our Fun Day in her honour.”

Alastair Bruce on Twitter will be in at Windsor Castle on the day. He said: “I will be at Sky News live point outside Windsor Castle with Rhiannon Mills & others because Queen [will be] there.”

Diana Buckton in Tennessee says: I will be hosting the monthly meeting of our local chapter of TBPA, Transatlantic Brides and Parents Association. “Boro Brits” is the club in Murfreesboro, TN. I live just east of Nashville. We will have salmon and cucumber sandwiches, sausage rolls and of course a birthday cake for her Majesty. We’ll also be raising a glass or two in her honour.”

Jennifer Stokesbary will be on holiday during Her Majesty’s birthday, but she still intends to celebrate nonetheless. I will be on a field trip to Disney World with my daughter. We will have some time in Epcot center on HM’s birthday, and I intend to have a pint in her honor at the Rose and Crown in their World Showcase. It’s the closest I can get to anything English that day!”

Thank you to everybody for sharing their plans with us. How will you be celebrating? Let us know by commenting below: