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The Queen

History Rewind: Her Majesty presides over Manx Millennium

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On 5 July 1979 The Queen presided over the Isle of Man’s 1000th open-air sitting of Parliament. She was only the second British Monarch to satisfy this duty in person. The last monarch to do so was Her Majesty’s father, King George VI in 1945.
Her Majesty is the Lord of Mann as the official usage is applied for traditional and cultural reasons. The title Lord of Mann, though, was altered when Queen Victoria reigned. Victoria was styled as Lady of Mann.
Upon The Queen’s arrival at Ronaldsway Airport, the time-honoured traditions were set forth. Her Majesty was presented with a piece of silver fern to ward off any evil spirits.
Upon arrival at Tynwald, Her Majesty was greeted by crowds of well-wishers, a 21-gun salute and a Guard of Honour. She then assumed her place on Tynwald Hill to observe the traditional ceremonies.
The hill is a four-tiered, circular mound symbolizing the Manx Government. It is on the hill the Acts of Tynwald were read out and Her Majesty granted staves of office to the 24 member of the House of Keys.
The open air session continues practically unchanged from its beginnings in 800 AD. The session allows the Manx citizens the chance to hear the proclamation of the laws of the land as well to voice objections and seek fairness during this time.
Until 1266, The Isle of Man was under Norse rule when it surrendered to the Scottish Kings. In 1405 it was handed over to the Stanley family from Lancashire until 1736.
Since 1765 The Isle of Man has been a Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom.
It is indeed fascinating that the Isle of Man isn’t part of the UK, and its only connection to Britain is The Queen.
Photo Credits: The Queen’s Hall and Rob via photopin cc