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The Queen

Delight for The Queen as she welcomes two new corgi puppies to her family

The Queen has welcomed two new additions to her household – a duo of corgi puppies.

According to The Sun newspaper, Her Majesty is delighted with the new arrivals who are living alongside the monarch at Windsor Castle.

It is thought that the pups were gifted to The Queen. They also appear to be the first canines that are not direct descendants from he monarch’s first ever dog, Susan.

Before the puppies’ arrival, The Queen only had one dog – a dorgi (dachshund x corgi) called Candy.

The last corgi Her Majesty owned, Whisper, died in 2018.

The names and gender of each puppy has not been revealed, but no doubt they are helping their owner through some difficult times with the ongoing lockdown and her husband’s hospitalisation.

The Queen’s line of corgis has stemmed from Susan, a corgi gifted to the then-princess on her 18th birthday in 1944. The Queen’s line of dorgis came from breeding one of her corgis with one of Princess Margaret’s dachshunds, Pipkin, and there have been four: Vulcan, Candy, Cider and Berry.

The news of Her Majesty’s new canine additions comes as something of a surprise. It was previously reported that the Queen decided not to have anymore dogs, reportedly because she does not want to leave behind any young animals when she dies.

Since her accession in 1952, The Queen has reportedly owned more than 30 corgis. Her pets travel with her in the car or by private plane and have even appeared in films with The Queen. In 2012, for the London Summer Olympics, a few of The Queen’s corgis appeared in the James Bond tribute film shot at Buckingham Palace.