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The Queen

Court hears about plot to kill “old woman Elizabeth”

The Old Bailey has heard of how a delivery driver apparently discussed killing the then Prime Minister David Cameron and The Queen.

Somalian Aweys Shikhey, 38, allegedly also spoke of an AK47 attack at White Hart Lane, shooting Jewish people, killing David Cameron and “old woman Elizabeth” before his attempt to join Islamic State.

Shikhey denies preparing terrorist acts on or before 23 May last year.

The courtroom listened as Prosecutor Barnaby Jameson told jurors: “The defendant displayed a violent attitude towards this country symbolised by killing the then prime minister and the Queen.”

After Abdirahman Idris Hassan was arrested in September 2016, an exchange of messages was found on his computer between himself and Shikey.

Hassan wrote: “May God bestow you in killing David Cameron and the old woman Elizabeth”, what is assumed to be Queen Elizabeth.

Shikhey allegedly replied: “Amen, brother.”

Hassan continued to ask if Shikhey could buy guns and bullets in the UK. Shikhey said he would need three to five people in order for a “bloody attack.”

The jurors also heard of Shikhey’s comment that it is “it is good to shoot them live” when speaking about killing Jewish people in the Stamford Hill area.

Shikhey is said to have written: “I do not have anything as long as I am in a disbeliever country. This is my first job and I will migrate for the sake of God. I am not coming back to this dirty people [sic], God Willing.”

“Correct,” Hassan replied.

Shikhey is denying his charge of planning an act of terrorism. Prosecutor Barnaby Jameson described him as “a terrorist hiding in plain sight,”

Continuing on: “The defendant, you will hear, was a secret and indeed eager supporter of Islamic State.”

The trial continues.