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Canada without a Sovereign: Over half of Canadian’s don’t want a monarchy

It doesn’t seem to matter that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are landing in Canada to celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary, half of Canadian’s wish to see the end of the monarchy after Queen Elizabeth dies.

A poll done for Ipsos for Global News determined that after Her Majesty passes on, 61 percent of Canadians don’t think the Monarch and Royal Family should play a formal role.

Sean Simpson, vice-president of Ipsos Public Affairs spoke to Global News about the poll: “The question is do we continue with the monarchy and that’s a more divisive issue. We have Canadians split down the middle, and demographics are important for this – Quebec is anti-monarchist,

“It’s split down the middle and pits Quebec against the rest of the country. That’s a disaster for Canada.”

That disaster may be averted though as explained by Emmett Macfarlane, assistant professor of political science at the University of Waterloo.

“Any change we made of that nature that would really disrupt if not abolish the office of the Queen requires a constitutional amendment with unanimous support of the provinces. So all provinces would have to agree in addition to the federal Parliament,” as the monarchy is written into the constitution.

In the unlikely event that all the provinces get on the same page, the monarchy still might be completely out.

“On the one hand maybe what offends people about the monarchy in Canada is that the royal line of succession is really housed across the pond in Great Britain,” said Macfarlane.

“A more modest reform would be we retain the Crown, but we constitutionally entrench the embodiment of that crown in someone who is physically in Canada and we appoint them much the way the Governor General is appointed now.”

So I am looking at you fellow Canadians, anyone with a squeaky clean record who wants to step up to the plate?

Or things could go the other way and Canada could become a republic with “an elected head of state who would functionally be a president instead of a king or queen,” clarified Macfarlane.

“That would be a fundamental change to our constitution and how our politics work because you can imagine that someone who has all those formal powers and is elected would decide that they have the democratic legitimacy to act on their own discretion in exercising those powers.”

A republic would also cost Canadian’s way more than a monarchy as an elected head of state would need a larger staff than the current Governor General.

Although there is no need to worry yet, both Macfarlane and Simpson agree that the Monarchy isn’t really on Canadian’s “to-do list” so if it isn’t broke, why fix it?

Do you think Canada should keep the Monarchy as is, become a Republic, or Crown a Canadian (if so, who?)? Let us know in the comments.