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Australian monarchists told to brace for the death of the Queen

The Australian Monarchist League has told its members to prepare for the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. This was circulated in a note sent out to the members of the monarchist organization entitled “how our lives will change.” It was the leader of The Australian Monarchist League, Philip Benwell, who stood behind the message that was sent out to the members this week.

In the same message, he wished The Queen a speedy recovery from her illness. Benwell pointed out that it was time to think about what was going to happen the day Her Majesty passes away. Benwell writes “The Queen has been a part of the lives of all here subjects for over 60 years.” Members of The Australian Monarchist League are asked to accept that many Australians will need time to adjust to Prince Charles as King of the nation.

HRH Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip arrive at Perth airport on an RAAF plane.The Queen is meet by the Australian Defence Minister, Stephen Smith. Photograph by Andrew Taylor/CHOGM

Benwell believes that members of The Australian Monarchist League should prepare for that debate on the monarchy to flare up again in the coming years and that all monarchists must prepare themselves to make this a productive debate.

Several Australian politicians and Republicans have made critical comments above the British Royal Family in the past and believe that Queen Elizabeth’s death is a superb opportunity for Australia to go over to a republican system.

Her Majesty the Queen has been suffering from a cold since at the least a week before Christmas Day, when she cancelled her travel to Sandringham. The Queen made her first official engagement since her illness earlier this week when she bestowed an honour to a trusted member of her staff at Sandringham while she continues to recuperate.

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