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Prince Harry shows Queen and Prince Philip clips of Meghan Markle’s TV show Suits

Courtiers have claimed that Prince Harry sat his grandparents down early in summer this year to show them clips from the cable TV show Suits to showcase his soon-to-be fiancée’s work and to acquaint them with the woman who he is now set to marry next May.

A friend of Meghan’s from Los Angeles has revealed that: “The moment helped Harry to show his older family how successful his future wife had been in her career…Harry had been beaming for months about his blossoming romance when he went to see his grandparents.

“And as he explained his feelings and pride about Meghan, he wanted to show the Queen [and Prince Philip] just what Meghan did for a job. Some clips were played from YouTube for her although Her Majesty does not have time to binge watch the series from the start.

“Obviously he had spoken at length beforehand about all [Meghan’s] charitable work and interest in causes that the pair shared.

“It was a very touching moment and a nice way for Harry to show off Meghan to them.”

It’s understood that Ms Markle was not present at the informal viewing.

Markle starred in the US legal drama for seven years before leaving the show this fall to move to London on a permanent basis. The royal engagement soon followed, and Meghan and Prince Harry have been busy getting plans in order for their wedding on Saturday 19 May 19 next year.

The couple will marry at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and Kensington palace Communications Secretary Jason Knauf has said that the day will reflect their “characters and personalities” with a “fun and joyful” celebration which will allow the public to feel a part of the special day. In the lead-up to the wedding the couple will undertake a number of joint engagements across the UK to help Meghan get to know her new home better.