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The Duke of Edinburgh

Statue of Prince Philip may stand in Trafalgar Square after his death

Michael Garnett/CC/Flickr

A memorial statue of 98-year-old Prince Philip is being proposed for the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square which would be commissioned after his death, according to the Sunday Times. This is seen as the prime spot and would be placed where a giant blue rooster, large thumb and naked man once stood.

If approved, it would end twenty years of modern art displays on the spot. Since 1998, rotating modern artworks have been positioned in the location.

The spot had originally been planned for a statue of King William IV but insufficient funds led it to be bare for 150 years.

A source told the Sunday Times about the proposed statue of the Duke of Edinburgh, “A statue of The Queen on the fourth plinth was the original plan. 

“Several artists were approached by the palace to sound out whether they would submit designs when the time comes. 

“But in the past couple of years, everyone has been made aware that it could also be for the Duke of Edinburgh.”

Currently, a recreation of a statue in Iraq – a winged bull – stands in the spot; it was created by artist Michael Rakowitz. The original in Iraq was destroyed by ISIS after standing in the Middle Eastern country from 700BC until 2015. The replica in London is called ‘The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist’ and is made of tin cans.

It is not known what type of statue of the Duke that will be commissioned.

Buckingham Palace has not commented on the plans.

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