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“It was so gentle like somebody took him by the hand and off he went” – Sophie speaks of Prince Philip’s final moments

The Countess of Wessex has spoken movingly about the Duke of Edinburgh’s final moments before his death.

Speaking outside a private service at the Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor, Sophie said her father-in-law’s death was “so gentle.”

The Countess said: “It was right for him – it was so gentle.

“It was just like somebody took him by the hand and off he went.”

She added that his death was “Very, very peaceful. And that’s all you want for somebody isn’t it?”

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Sophie also spoke of The Queen, saying that the monarch is “thinking of others before herself.”

The Countess added that the 94-year-old monarch is “amazing” with Prince Edward confirming she is “bearing up.”

The Countess of Wessex has become a major source of support for The Queen, with the 56-year-old visiting the monarch at Windsor Castle on Friday to comfort Her Majesty.

The Earl of Wessex said his father’s death came as a shock.

The Earl said: “However much one tries to prepare oneself for something like this, it is still a dreadful shock and we are still coming to terms with that – it is very very sad.

“I have to say, the extraordinary tributes and the memories that everybody has had and have been willing to share has been so fantastic.

“It just goes to show, he might have been our father, grandfather and father-in-law, but he meant so much so many other people.