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King Charles III

Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall appear on Australian MasterChef

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall made a highly-anticipated appearance on Wednesday night’s Australian MasterChef.

Despite the Prince of Wales sampling all sorts of dishes during his trips around the world, he was left speechless when he was served green ants by MasterChef contestants.

The MasterChef contestants were given the nerve-wracking task of cooking a meal for the royal couple. The Duchess of Cornwall made a number of confessions about her and the Prince of Wales’s food preferences to help the contestants with their choice of food.

Some of the confessions included that they avoid garlic, and that they always keep tomato ketchup in the fridge despite many believing it should be kept in the cupboard.

Judge Gary Mehigan asked the Duchess of Cornwall what foods she couldn’t live without in her fridge. She replied: “I have to have, if I haven’t got fresh tomatoes, I’ll always have tomato puree,” Camilla said. “And I’m afraid to say, even ketchup. My grandchildren are rather addicted to ketchup.”

The Duchess of Cornwall with judge Gary Mehigan. (@ClarenceHouse/Twitter)

Whilst explaining to the contestants what food they enjoyed eating, the Duchess of Cornwall admitted she was “very good at a roast and vegetables” and that she loves olive oil.

She also admitted that the Prince of Wales was a big fan of local cheeses and home-grown food. To his delight, the royal couple were served an array of canapés using Australian ingredients.

This included a wallaby tartare and goat’s cheese mousse with bush spices which was well received by the Prince of Wales. However, the pickled cucumber seasoned with green ants raised eyebrows.

Whilst inspecting the dishes, the Prince of Wales said: “I’m particularly partial about local ingredients. And that’s what makes it so fascinating is the diversity. So, what are all these things?”

“We’ve got some muntries on here, local green ants on these canapés,” judge Matt Preston explained.

The Prince responded: “Green ants!” unsurprisingly in shock.

During the show he revealed that the Duchess of Cornwall often watches MasterChef, and he told the contestants that “it’s always worth competing, even if you don’t win”.