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British Royals

Diana and one of her favorite homes, Kensington Palace

She was known as “the people’s princess” and 26 years after her death, people still go to see where Princess Diana spent her final years, Kensington Palace. While apartments 8 and 9 are not open to the public, there is still plenty of detail as to what her life was like behind the private parts of the palace walls.

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Kensington Palace was well loved by the late princess. Diana hired interior-designed Dudley Poplak to decorate the apartment’s three floors in a way that honoured the palace’s 17th-century architecture while also allowing her to add her own personal touch. She infused her space with selecting the colour yellow for her drawing room and decorating with pastels. In various photos, the drawing room can be seen with a grand piano and mismatched picture frames.

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Diana’s sitting room doubled as a workspace. She also focused energy on the nursery suite on the entire top floor of the home. Princes William and Harry had their own bedrooms as did their individual nannies. The suite featured mostly neutrals on top of bright pops of colour and a strawberry-patterned carpet.

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The dining room was one of the bolder rooms featuring beige walls, and crimson velvet drapes (Diana had a love of velvet.) In addition, the dining room had ornate bamboo furniture and artistic artwork.

While the interiors of Apartments 8 and 9 are private, there is one favourite part of Diana’s that the public are able to visit, the Sunken Garden. On her 1 July 2021, what would’ve been her 60th birthday, William and Harry unveiled a statue there honouring their late mother.

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