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The Cambridges

Woman who broke into Prince George’s school has been cautioned

The woman who broke into Prince George’s school, on 13 September has accepted a caution.

Lousie Chantry accepted a caution for “causing a nuisance on school property”, this means the charge will stay on her police file.

The charge is not a criminal conviction, but it must be made known to current and new employers, especially if working with children or vulnerable people.

According to her mother, 40-year-old Louise Chantry is in love with the fairytale aspect of their lives.

Chantry who was previously a holistic healer has also been convicted of hotel fraud.

Rona Crawford, Chantry’s mother, spoke to The Sun about the incident.

“She wouldn’t have done any harm to George,” Crawford said.

“He would have been safe with her.

“She just loves the royal family and loves kids.”

Adding on that the Cambridge family “represent the ideal family life she would like to have”.

“People were very much in love with Diana when she was alive, this is similar. It’s a fairytale. It’s a fantasy.”

Chantry was charged with £100 fine after unpaid hotel bills and has a hard time finding work.

“She’s been under a lot of stress,” her mother explained, Chantry recently split with her husband of six years.

“She has no children herself. She wants stability, a home she is happy in.

“I’m very sad this has happened, it’s a horrible incident.”

Since the incident, Met is working with the school find a better security arrangement.

Met said: “Police are part of the protective security arrangements for the prince and we will continue to work closely with the school, which is responsible for building security on its site.”

This is Prince George’s first year at Thomas’ Battersea School having started on 7 September. He previously attended a local Montessori near his Anmer Hall home on the Sandringham Estate.