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William and Harry answer a DIY SOS

They will probably never be let loose on the DIY in their family homes – there are rules about rustling up a new shower room in palaces and castles – but on Wednesday, for one day only, Prince William and Prince Harry will be showing the world just how good they are at home improvements. For the royal brothers are heading to Manchester to help complete a very special renovation job that will see a street in the city transformed into a veterans’ village.


Prince William and Prince Harry are heading to Manchester to help restore homes for Army veterans

William and Harry will be taking part in the final push of the biggest ever project to feature on the hugely popular BBC One series, DIY SOS. This scheme has seen a team of experts, veterans and voluteers completely renovate several houses in Newton Heath to make them ready for servicemen and women with specific needs. The royal brothers will be rolling up their shirt sleeves and diving into the DIY work as the team races to meet their deadline.

There will also be a bit of relaxation time as well when it’s expected that the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry will meet some of the veterans who will be moving into the houses as well as their new neighbours. And they will also get a chance to have a chat with the teams that have been working so hard since last Monday to complete this huge renovation project.

There has been a lot of Armed Forces involvement in this project with former servicemen and women helping with the renovation as part of a scheme to learn new skills and retrain as they enter civilian life. Among those involved are representatives from Walking with the Wounded – the organisation is going to run a walk-in centre being built onsite and which will offer assistance to veterans who choose to access it.

The TV show DIY SOS, presented by Nick Knowles, recruits businesses and individuals in a local community to help with renovation projects for those in need and regularly pulls in millions of viewers. Throughout the week, the programme and its star have been using social media to get people involved in this latest project. And now they can count on two royal responses to their DIY SOS.

Photo credit: By Foreign and Commonwealth Office [OGL], via Wikimedia Commons