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The Cambridges

When is the Duchess of Cambridge due?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child the world learned after Kensington Palace made the announcement yesterday when the Duchess had to cancel an event.

Like her past pregnancies with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness which means the announcement had to come early. Most mothers tend to wait until after 12 weeks (the 1st trimester) to share their news as the risk of a miscarriage significantly drops. So just when can we expect to have our eyes glued to the door of the Lindo Wing?

The doctor’s estimated due date for both George and Charlotte were never made public, but it is expected that both children were late. When Kate became pregnant for the second time, it was announced on 8 September 2014, which was also early due to her morning sickness. Then in 2015, Kate commented on how she was due in late April, but Charlotte was not born until 2 May. So if Charlotte was late, that would mean Royal Baby #3 is due mid-late April.

Other clues that many are using in figuring out when the Duchess of Cambridge is due leads to the typical Hyperemesis Gravidarum symptoms starting around five-six weeks into a pregnancy, yet as most mothers can confirm, there is no typical pregnancy (from personal experiences- my symptoms started at three weeks with my second child). That being said, mid-late April lines up.

If April is ringing any bells for you, it is because the month holds a variety of other high-profile dates for the Royal Family. Closest to home would be the anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on 29 April. Another day that would make a suiting birthday for the new heir (should the stars line) is Queen Elizabeth’s birthday on 21 April.