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The Cambridges

The Duke of Cambridge attends centenary memorial of Amiens

On Wednesday, the Duke of Cambridge travelled to France to mark the centenary of the Battle of Amiens.

In the Chapel of Amiens, he joined representatives from France, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and more in laying flowers “as a reaffirmation of friendship between the Allies, Germany and the city of Amiens.”

The Battle of Amiens was a decisive point in World War One for the allied forces. It halted the Hundred Day offensive and started the Armistice.

Upon arrival, before the ceremony started, the prince was greeted by British Prime Minister Theresa May who dipped down in a curtsey so low she almost touched the ground. Twitter has mocked May for her over-the-top gesture as just a bow of the head is expected for the Prime Minister upon meeting royalty.


Addressing those paying respect in the cathedral, Prince William said: “I am delighted to join you all today to mark this important centenary in this historic cathedral of Amiens.

“From the very first start of the First World War, Amien found itself at the heart of the conflict. For most of the war, it was just behind the allied front lines and military personnel soon become a familiar sight around its streets, around its shops, cafes and hotels.”

He went on to call Amines a “symbolic of the entente cordiale, the co-operation without which victory was impossible. It is entirely fitting therefore, that today, that same international coalition has returned to Amiens with our former enemy, in peace and partnership.”

Adding: “Today we return to learn more about the experience of those involved during the historic summer of 1918, to honour the fallen of all nations, to commemorate all those who participated in this great endeavour, and to celebrate the bonds of friendship which unite our nations.”