The Cambridges

Princess Charlotte takes a tumble during tantrum as the Cambridge Family depart Germany

Princess Charlotte took a tumble to the ground on Friday afternoon as she and the rest of her family boarded onto a helicopter as they left Germany to head back to the UK.

The young Princess appeared to fall to the ground during the middle of a tantrum, but the Duchess of Cambridge quickly picked her up to try and console the two-year-old.

Princess Charlotte, who is fourth-in-line to the throne, looked apprehensive as the family approached the helicopter and started trying to pull away.

In an attempt to escape, she lunged herself to the ground before being picked up and carried onto the aircraft.

The Cambridge Family are leaving Germany following a week long visit to both here and neighbouring Poland.

Princess Charlotte, the youngest of the Cambridge family, has already started picking up on the sense of royal duties during this tour.

When the family arrived in Berlin, Charlotte received a mini bouquet upon arrival and curtseyed her thank you at the Duchess of Cambridge’s prompting.

The young royal also shook hands with a German attaché, her first diplomatic handshake.

Prince George did not appear to be as amused as his younger sister, and looked bored every time he was in view of the cameras.

The smallest of the Cambridges have been widely covered on this tour. Prince George made headlines for sneezing and shaking his hand as if to clean it off, and photographs of the two peeking out the plane windows at each airport make the rounds on social media. Their outfits are carefully catalogued and identified on social media, allowing parents to buy their clothes.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George are accompanying their parents during their visit to Poland and Germany. It is the second tour that the Princess has undertaken. Her first royal tour was last September to Canada.

Prince George is already a seasoned traveller: he’s toured Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and now Poland and Germany.

Additional reporting by Jess Ilse