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The Cambridges

Prince William is ‘extremely good at his job’ says man he rescued

Last week, Royal Central reported on the emergency rescue where Prince William participated in transporting a seriously injured patient and remaining with him for a half an hour at the hospital. Ex-soldier, Jim Schembri, 37, was rescued by the royal and his team of medical colleagues of the East Anglian Air Ambulance Service when the tree branch he was pruning fell on him, knocking him unconscious. Schembri luckily only suffered a dislocated shoulder and hip instead of a fractured pelvis as previously reported.

He only had praise for the Prince when he eventually realised he was part of the rescue team who cared for him.

He told The Sun newspaper: “It’s amazing that he is the future King of England but at the end of the day he is doing a normal person’s job and working as part of a team.”

Because of his injured state, Schembri didn’t recognise the royal. He even made a joke that he hoped Prince William wasn’t flying the helicopter transporting him.

He continued, speaking of the royal’s professionalism: “He was comforting me the whole time and telling me exactly what he was doing. He had a very calm demeanour and there was no flapping. He was extremely good at his job.”

Schembri recalled of the helicopter’s arrival: ” I remember the helicopter landing and the doctor talking to me and someone was supporting my head. He asked me if I was a ‘bootneck’ as he had spotted a Royal Marines charity band on my arm. Then he said, ‘You’ve got an ex-army air corp working on you.”

On his appearance on ITV’a Good Morning Britain, Schembri said: “It wasn’t until they were actually loading me into the helicopter and I said Willsy better not be flying this thing and he turned around and said “oh, I’ve been holding your head for the last thirty minutes” that it clicked.

“I jokingly asked him to come and visit me in hospital and he laughed, we just had a good banter.”