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Prince William awards OBE to Damian Lewis

<![CDATA[Actor Damian Lewis has spoken of his amazement and joy after being awarded an OBE by The Duke of Cambridge. The star, best known for appearing in the popular US drama series Homeland, described the honour as a huge surprise.

Lewis’s performance as Major Richard Winters in the 2001 second film Band Of Brothers made the British-born actor a huge success.
Speaking after investiture ceremony, Lewis said: “I was stupefied, I had no idea, so it was a big, big surprise.”
“I remember when I heard I was being awarded it, it was a little bit like ‘now you’ve got to prove it. It was a bit like being asked to be a prefect, now I have to be extremely responsible.”
The Duke of Cambridge told Lewis that both he and Kate are fans of the TV series Homeland when awarding the OBE.
“He said ‘you appeared again the other night briefly, and we all got very excited,’ which is true but it was also on Sunday night which means he is absolutely up to date with the latest episode and I’m amazed they have time for that.”
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