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The Cambridges

Prince George’s new school described as “overwhelming”

It won’t be long now until the future king is starting his full-time education.

Come September; Prince George will be off to Thomas’s Battersea where he will be part of one of three reception classes.

The £17,604-a-year school has been reviewed by The Good Schools Guide as “overwhelming”, which one could be sure any school for a four-year-old would be.

“A big, busy, slightly chaotic school for cosmopolitan parents who want their children to have the best English education money can buy. That is what they want and, to a large degree, that is what they get,” read the assessment.

It goes on to say: “Plenty of opportunities for pupils to excel but withdrawn types might find it all somewhat overwhelming.”

George and his fellow classmates won’t be the only fresh faces at the school, Headmaster Simon O’Malley is new, having previously been Headmaster of Wellesley House School in Kent for 11 years.

O’Malley is also rated by The Good Schools Guide as “Ambitious and enthusiastic; generated an energy and buzz about his previous school. Much-liked and respected by parents”.

Thomas’s Battersea touts it’s 19 languages spoken as it celebrates and “appears to make the most of this range of different cultures.”

The school has a number of locations through out London for children ages four to 13. “In each school, we aim to offer the highest academic standards, set within a broad and rich curriculum, which inspires enjoyment, learning and achievement,” says their website.

“We expect every member of the schools’ communities to ‘Be Kind’.”

It would appear the Duchess of Cambridge is also aware that the school may be “overwhelming”, having recently noted that she is not sure if Prince George “has any idea what’s going to hit him”.

The school is sure to be a change from his quiet Montessori near the Cambridge’s Anmer Hall home, which will now include drama, art, ballet, French, music, ICT and physical education by specialist teachers.