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The Cambridges

Online bullies target 2-year-old Princess Charlotte over release of new pre-birthday photo

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge turns two today; yesterday, Kensington Palace released a photo taken by her mother, The Duchess of Cambridge to mark the occasion. The Mirror Online has reported that no sooner had they posted the new photo of the rare-seen little royal on their Facebook page that some nasty and vile comments were posted about the toddler who has been compared to a spitting image of her great-grandmother, The Queen.

“Eurghhh!! What a vile, spoilt, inbred, parasitic brat ‘it’ is…!” (sic)”

Another comment says: “Spoiled brat and so ugly looks inbred!

“And that cardigan is hideous! Looks like an old granny already!”

Many loved the photo of the little princess and immediately came to the defence of the toddler by calling the haters, “disgusting” “cruel” and “nasty.” Georgia Wade said: “Some people can be so cruel! She’s a beautiful little girl! How can people write nasty things about a child and sleep at night?”

Janet Bailey commented: “She is a beautiful little girl, and dressed lovely. I’m sick of seeing tiny babies in jeans and dark colours, they look awful.”

Jess Mills said: “Wow cannot believe some of the comments I’m reading and coming from grown adults.

“Taking their nastiness out on this beautiful little girl just because they don’t like the royal family. Do you have kids? Would you like people to call your kids?”

“Bitter, horrible people, if you haven’t got anything nice to say about a two-year-old baby then don’t say anything at all,” added Rosalind Thomas said: “What sort of person calls a child they’ve never met ‘a brat’ do you know how bitter and spiteful you sound.. Actually hating on a little girl??

“Some people are just nasty, sad, inadequate individuals.”

Another person said: “Let’s hope your children or grandchildren are never victims of online abuse or bullying, because that about the size of what you’re doing to this child, you should be ashamed of yourselves, grown adults hating on a little girl because of her looks and heritage. Disgraceful.”