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The Cambridges

Kate to be admitted to hospital soon for baby’s birth

The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to be admitted to hospital soon in preparation for the birth of her first child and future heir to the throne. She will be admitted to the Lindo wing of St Mary’s Hospital, the same hospital in which Prince William himself was born and also the soon-to-be-born-baby’s uncle Prince Harry.

St Mary's Hospital. Where the royal baby is planned to be born.

St Mary’s Hospital. Where the royal baby is planned to be born.

The Duchess is due to give birth around mid-July and recently, new details of this have been released including that Marcus Setchell, The Queen’s former surgeon-gynaecologist will come out of retirement for birth along with the present surgeon-gynaecologist Alan Farthing.

Upon the birth of the Royal Baby, many traditions have been revived that some thought would not make a return in this day of Twitter and other modern technology. For example, the birth will be formally announced by an easel being placed inside the Buckingham Palace gates which will say that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to either a baby boy or girl (even Prince William and the Duchess don’t know the gender) and what time it was born and the baby’s weight.

The birth will possibly also be proclaimed by town criers in places where the post still exists across the UK. In London, gun salutes will be fired from the traditional saluting points including the Tower of London and Hyde Park. Also interestingly, the first round to be fired will later be presented to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Royal Central will be covering all the events of the Royal Baby’s birth as it happens. From the Duchess’s admission to hospital to the naming of the baby.

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