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BBC sparks outrage after new documentary which makes claims against the Queen Mother

A new BBC drama documentary which is due to air on Friday 8th January, has been met with widespread condemnation by critics and historians over claims it makes about the late Queen Mother.

A programme alleges that the Queen Mother attempted to attract the future King Edward VIII, before eventually settling for his brother, George VI. Even before it has been broadcast, historians have describes the programme as a ‘hurtful fairy tale’.

The programme, Royal Wives At War, attempts to document the relationship between the Queen Mother and Wallis Simpson, the divorcee for whom Edward VIII gave up the throne in order to marry.

The drama, starring Gina McKee and Emma Davies, portrays Elizabeth as ‘jealous’ of Wallis Simpson.

The controversial claims of jealously on the Queen Mother’s part comes from controversial royal author and socialite, Lady Colin Campbell who says that she has ‘authoritative evidence’ of the two womens’ rivalry.

Lady Colin Campbell, who calls Edward VIII ‘David’ said: ‘She tried to marry David.

“David wasn’t interested in her. He liked them slender, sleek and svelte, like Wallis.”

The claims have been universally dismissed by leading experts. Historian Andrew Roberts said: “The relationship between these two women is dramatic and extraordinary, without the inventing rubbish of this kind.

“No reputable historian believes the Queen Mother was ever in love with the future Edward VIII, let alone tried to marry him.”

Conservative MP, Andrew Bridgen, has also criticised the programme and the British Broadcasting Corporation saying: “The BBC really has hit a new low by making salacious slurs against the memory of the much-loved Queen Mother.”

Lady Colin Campbell has previously made some well known controversial claims where she was also called a fantasist. This includes writing a book revealing Diana’s battle with bulimia and her affair with James Hewitt.

She also claimed in a 2012 book that the Queen Mother and her brother were born to the family’s cook, who was used as a surrogate mother.

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