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Zara and Mike Tindall named global sports ambassadors for cyber security company

Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

Zara and Mike Tindall are promoting a new technology that could help get UK players and fans back into the games they love sooner.

The Queen’s granddaughter and her former England Rugby Captain husband have taken on new roles as they join the British cyber security technology company VST Enterprises™ (VSTE) as its global sporting ambassadors.

Zara, a 2012 Olympic Silver medalist and former world eventing champion, and her husband Mike, a 2003 World Cup winner, will represent VSTE across the UK sports sectors in rugby, horse racing, equestrian, golf, and luxury lifestyle brands. 

The Manchester-based cyber security company has developed a unique digital health passport called the V-Health Passport. Designed for professional athletes and sports teams, the technology is being described as “cyber security’s version of human DNA” and will be used as part of “Project Restart” in getting sports back to professional competition in the UK and globally. 

Used in conjunction with approved COVID-19 testing kits, the passport system would authenticate a user’s health status after taking the coronavirus test. The passport would be scanned for entry at sporting venues, concerts, the workplace, or other locations and turn either green or red to show whether a person is positive for the coronavirus. If the user’s passport was approaching its expiration date, it would turn amber.

In addition to creating health passports for players and fans, the technology can be used for ticketing and event purposes, security, content delivery, and more. For horses, the passport has the ability to show key information on an animal’s bloodlines, vaccinations, veterinary records, and previous owners.

“I think the potential of this technology is really interesting and has so many uses across the horse racing and equestrian worlds from horse passports and bloodstock sales to tickets for the horse racing season,” Zara Tindall said. 

“We have the opportunity with VCode® to help make many aspects of our industry more efficient and this groundbreaking cyber technology could really have a positive impact. I look forward to working with the team on its introduction and where we can really make a difference.”

Mike Tindall said: “I am delighted to be joining VST Enterprises™ as a global sports ambassador and to represent this groundbreaking cyber security technology developed by Louis-James and his team. The potential applications of VCode® across so many UK sports are immense.”

“I was also impressed to learn of how the VCode® technology can be used across so many applications across all sports from ticketing and merchandise to brand experiences and content delivery,” he continued. “The work that VSTE are doing with health passports to help get UK sports teams back into professional competition is also a great idea. I think everyone from across the sporting world would be delighted if this technology could help get sports teams back to their respective competition leagues and complete their seasons.”





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