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British Royals

Andrew Morton reveals Diana secretly recorded her despair

Diana, Princess of Wales’s biographer, Andrew Morton, has revealed that the Princess secretly recorded herself describing her emotional distraught over the state of her marriage to Prince Charles. Andrew Morton said that the Princess found a way to contact him via a friend and offered him an interview for his upcoming book on the royal couple. The interviews, conducted in 1991, reveal that Diana was extremely unhappy in her marriage to Prince Charles and tried to commit suicide several times. It is well known that Diana suffered from eating disorders.

The tapes show that her bulimia began just a week after her engagement to Prince Charles. He put his hand around her waist and said she was “a bit chubby.” The remark made by Prince Charles alongside her anxiety over his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles is what triggered her bulimia as it was a way to help her release “tension.” Diana knew of the affair early on in the relationship. Saying that she “cried because I got no support from Charles and no support from the Palace press office.”

When she was measured for her wedding dress, she was 29 inches around the waist. By the time she got married, she was 23 inches. “I had shrunk into nothing from February to July. I had shrunk to nothing” she said in the harrowing tape transcripts. In the tapes, Diana said: “I couldn’t understand it. Eventually, I worked it all out and found the proof of the pudding, and people were willing to talk to me.” Any attempts to discuss Charle’s affair with Camilla would be met with a blank “wall of silence.”

However, she also makes clear that she never regretted the taping sessions that caused public outrage. The outrage soon turned to support when it was found the book the transcripts were mentioned in was true. Hundreds of letters came flooding in from all over the world to Diana, and the book lifted a veil on the reality of Diana’s struggles.

Diana’s true legacy can remember via these transcripts and the humanitarian work she dedicated herself to later in her life. The opinion of Diana from not only the British public but the worldwide community can be clearly seen from the grief that gripped the country and indeed the world when she died in 1997.