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Royal Central to launch updated website design

As part of ongoing efforts to make our website even more accessible and helpful for our readers, we’ll be updating the design of our website.

Our present design, which has served us for over a year and a half now, will be replaced by a new, dynamic and image-led theme which will help Royal Central move forwards, as well as addressing some design flaws of our old one.

Some of the new features for the website will include:

  • A uniform website for all platforms (mobile, desktop and tablet). This is as opposed to the current design, which includes two effectively separate websites for mobile and desktop/tablet. The design will also be ‘responsive’, meaning it adapts to the width of the reader’s screen!
  • Media-led articles. Images, video and audio will be well-integrated into our articles, allowing for a more colourful and engaging experience. Our homepage will also be even more image-led, allowing us to adapt it depending on the occasion (such as leading with one story when big news breaks).
  • Less obtrusive adverts. While we necessarily need to maintain a level of advertising on our website, the new design will place the ads in less obtrusive places so the content is not interfered with.
  • Homepage layout to allow readers to access the latest posts as well as big news stories, without having to look through the site to find them.

The design changeover will take place between Friday 16th October and Saturday 17th October, beginning around 11pm UK time. There may be a period of downtime for this changeover, we will keep our Twitter updated before and during this.

Questions on the new design or our website can be directed to

Below are two mock-ups of the homepage design for the new site. Note, the final design may not appear entirely like these. Note the posts shown in the below screenshot were chosen at random, they don’t necessarily correspond to current news stories.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.41.37 a.m.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.57.13 a.m.

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