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King Frederik and Queen Mary announce major summer tour

King Frederik and Queen Mary will head out on a comprehensive tour of the Danish kingdom and Scandinavia this spring, their first as king and queen.

The Danish Royal Court has announced that the King and Queen will undertake state visits to Sweden and Norway in May, and will tour the Faroe Islands and Greenland in June and July aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog.

King Frederik and Queen Mary will visit Sweden between 6-7 May; Norway between 14-15 May; the Faroe Islands tentatively between 11-14 June; and Greenland tentatively between 29 June-8 July.

It is a Danish tradition that the new monarch visits Sweden and Norway before undertaking any official visits elsewhere.

A quirk of Queen Margrethe’s shock abdication meant that a previously planned business delegation to Poland—for then-Crown Prince Frederik—saw him undertake his first official visit as monarch to Poland instead.

The Danish Royal Court shared: “The first state visits will provide the occasion for the new King and Queen to meet with the sovereigns in Sweden and Norway, and they will thus mark the close relations between the Nordic monarchies.”

During his visit to Poland, Crown Prince Christian served as regent for the first time. It has not yet been announced if the Crown Prince will serve as regent again, though this will surely be announced in time.

A full schedule of events will be announced closer to the dates of each respective visit.

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