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A new portrait of King Charles as Head of the Armed Forces marks a special day for military

A new portrait of King Charles as Head of the Armed Forces has been released to mark Armed Forces Day.

The King is shown in his Field Marshal No1 Full Ceremonial Frock Coat in the photo which was taken by Hugo Burnand.

His Majesty is seen in the Grand Corridor at Windsor Castle. The portrait was taken in November 2023.

Photo by Hugo Burnand

The image of King Charles was shared as Queen Camilla gave a rare personal address, thanking military personnel for their service.

Her Majesty spoke from Clarence House in a message recorded by the British Forces Broadcasting Service of which she is patron.

The Queen told the Armed Forces that ”your determination, unrelenting efforts and selfless loyalty to each other and the United Kingdom are as enduring as our gratitude.”

Queen Camilla also had a message for the families that support military personnel, noting that ”as the proud daughter of an Army officer, I know something of the impact military life has on your loved ones – you too are heroes.”

The Queen spoke in front of a photo of her father, Major Bruce Shand, who served with the 12th Lancers during World War Two.

Major Shand’s medals were also on show next to Queen Camilla – he was awarded the Military Cross twice, recognised in 1940 for his efforts at Dunkirk and again in 1942 for his service in North Africa.

Her Majesty also wore her Royal Lancers brooch – she is their Colonel in Chief as well as a daughter of one of the regiment’s soldiers.

Armed Forces Day is held every year in June to mark the work of all military.

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