The Queen and Prince Charles pray for the victims of the London terror attack

The Queen and The Prince of Wales attended church on Sunday morning where they said prayers for the those who died and were injured in Saturday’s terror attack.

The 91-year-old Monarch attended the Sunday service at Windsor, whereas her son attended church in Gloucestershire Buckingham Palace said.

Her Majesty attends church every Sunday, and this was no exception. The only difference was that there was a moment of reflection for the lives lost in the attack which killed seven people in Central London.

The attack took place at both London Bridge and the nearby Borough Market, where a van ran over pedestrians – with the attackers then absconding and stabbing people.

Within eight minutes of the initial emergency 999 call being received, police apprehended and shot dead the three suspects who were all wearing fake suicide vests.

The attackers were shot dead by eight police officers who fired approximately 50 bullets. In the gunfire, a member of the public was accidentally shot. They are currently being treated in hospital.

An additional 35 people are currently in hospital with 21 of those in a critical condition.

Twelve people were arrested on Sunday morning in connection with the attack. They are all currently in police custody.

The attack in London was the third of its kind in the UK in three months, following attacks in Westminster and Manchester.

The terror level remains at severe, but has not been increased to critical.

Voting in the General Election will still go ahead on Thursday.