The Duke of Marlborough dies at 88

<![CDATA[The 11th Duke of Marlborough passed away peacefully in his sleep, on the 16th October, Blenheim Palace announced.

John Spencer-Churchill was born on the 13th April 1926. His godfather was the famous wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, and through the Spencer side of his family, The Duke was also related to Lady Diana, who became Princess of Wales.
He inherited the dukedom of Marlborough in 1972, at the age of 45. The Duke was largely responsible for the management of Blenheim Palace and Blenheim estate, which is worth around £100 million.
The 1st Duke of Marlborough was John Churchill, an English statesman and the husband of Sarah Churchill, who was one of Queen Anne’s best friends. The Queen granted Churchill the dukedom in 1702.
None of the couple’s sons survived infancy, and they were granted special permission to pass the Dukedom on to their daughter, Henrietta. As a result, the dukedom of Marlborough is unique in the way that it is one of only a few peerages that can be passed on to a female descendant.

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