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Prince Harry and Walking With the Wounded teams delayed… again!

The WWTW Teams are grounded at Novo due to inclement weather.

The WWTW Teams are grounded at Novo due to inclement weather and are unable to continue their ski training.

Once again Prince Harry and the Walking With the Wounded teams face yet another weather related setback. Adding to their previous delays and departures is the current delay to leave for base camp as of Monday.

Extremely high winds and snowstorms have again put the South Pole Allied Challenge on hold. The teams from Great Britain, The United States and The Commonwealth must now sit and wait in their accommodation blocks at the Novo Airbase.

Their departure on Monday has tentatively been moved to Tuesday if weather permits. The second base camp is located 87 degrees south of their present location at Novo.

The terrible weather has also halted the teams in their ski training. This is also frustrating as the teams planned to acclimatise to the conditions during their stay at Novo.

“The weather forecast was supposed to be alright, but it seems to be getting worse,” Harry commented to Sky News.

A Walking With The Wounded spokeswoman told the BBC that everybody at the camp is safe and well.

Due to the poor weather conditions and inability to train outside, the teams have been relaxing a bit, unpacking and repacking their kits in order to minimise weight as well as rid themselves of any unnecessary items.

As reported last week by Royal Central, temperatures on the 200-mile journey will dive to -45C along with blustery and sometimes rather dangerous wind conditions. The three teams will ski for approximately 12 hours each day taking a 10 minute break every two hours.

Harry was patron of the WWTW North Pole journey in 2011 and the 2012 the expedition to Mount Everest.

photo credit: Walking With The Wounded via photopin cc