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Prince Emanuele of Savoy calls for the restoration of Italy’s monarchy

Prince Emanuele of Savoy has called for the restoration of Italy’s monarchy and the foundation of brand new monarchist party to lead Italy towards the monarchy. This was stated by the Prince to Italian media and the International Monarchist Conference when he attended a memorial service for fallen Italian soldiers from the First World War last Sunday.

Prince Emmanuel also called for a repeal of Article 139, which prevents any questioning of the republic. Prince Emmanuel said: “We must start the process to reverse the bad and mystifying article 139 from the Constitution which enshrines the immortality of the republican government who was a result of the 1946-referendum fraud.”

Today it is the Italian Monarchist Union which is the leading monarchist party. The Italian Monarchist Union aim is to restore the monarchy in Italy. The UMI supports Prince Amedeo of Aosta as King of Italy. This is why Prince Emanuele calls for a new party which will support his claim as King of Italy.

The last survey in Italy stated that only 15% of Italians would like to see the return of the Monarchy in Italy.

Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy and Venice is a member of the House of Savoy and the son and heir of Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia. He is the only male-line grandson of Umberto II, the last King of Italy. He grew up as an exile from Italy, in accordance with the provision of the Italian constitution prohibiting the male issue of the Savoy Kings of Italy from entering or staying on Italian territory. He is also a second cousin of King Philippe of Belgium.

Following Victor Emmanuel III’s abdication as King in 1946, his son and new King Umberto II was forced to call a referendum to decide whether Italy should remain a monarchy or become a republic. On 2 June 1946, the Republican side won 54% of the vote and Italy officially became a republic. All male members of the Savoy family were banned from entering Italy in 1948, a law which was first repealed in 2002.

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