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Naomi Watts dazzles in white at London premiere of ‘Diana’

It is perhaps the most highly anticipated film of the year and all eyes were on leading lady Naomi Watts as she stepped out onto the red carpet at the ‘Diana’ premiere in London on Thursday evening.

The Australian actress dazzled in a white Versace gown that appeared to give a subtle salute to the late Princess.

Naomi watts

‘Diana’ will see Australian actress play the role of the late Princess of Wales.

Huge crowds gathered in London’s Leicester Square to catch a glimpse of Naomi and her cast mates which include former Lost star Naveen Andrews and Cas Anvar.

The biopic sees the two-time Oscar nominated star take on the role of one of the most famous women ever, Diana, Princess of Wales and the film is set around the relationship the royal had with Doctor Hasnat Khan.

“I had to rise to the challenge, everybody feels they know her and remember her well,” Naomi revealed the Movie Scope magazine on the red carpet.

Earlier this month, Naomi revealed she had turned the film down twice before finally accepting the role. The mum-of-two explained she was concerned how the film would be received by Diana’s sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

“I do care deeply about how the princes feel, of course,” she told The Times. “I am a mum of two boys, but it was a story that was bound to told at some point, and it’s possibly fresher than people expected.”


Naomi has revealed she believes the film maybe sooner than people expected. Photo: Twitter/@Premscene

Speaking at last night’s world premiere Naomi said it was a “testament to who she was and what she achieved” that the public are still hugely interested in the late Princess.

Diana will be released in the United Kingdom on September 20 and in the United States on November 1.