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How Royal Families are Adapting to the Digital Age

Charlie Proctor/Royal Central

The digital transformations which have swept across the entire world would have appeared all but impossible only a few decades in the past. This is to say nothing about how those who lived during the Victorian Era would view our current methods of digital communication. However, some are under the misconception that royal families are hesitant to embrace such changes; instead favouring more traditional ways of communicating with the masses. Not only is this more of a myth than a reality, but reaching loyal followers has never been easier thanks to a host of online resources which are now available. What are some of the methods employed by royals and how are these affecting the entire political arena?

Reaching a Wider Audience than Ever Before

It can be argued that social media portals such as Facebook and Twitter are the most important platforms in regards to reaching a truly global audience. This observation has not been lost on the royals, as official social media pages are now used to disseminate information and to release any late-breaking news (such as the birth of a child). While this is indeed very efficient, we also need to recognise that it serves an important role in regards to politics.

In the past, many sovereign citizens felt rather detached from the royal family. Barring a photo in a local newspaper or a timely radio address, they rarely caught glimpses of the daily lives of this ruling class. As a result, some began to feel disenfranchised with the system. This has all begun to change thanks to the digital age. Royal fans and followers can now view their favourite personalities on a daily basis. They can post comments, react to news feeds and even be alerted to any upcoming events via their mobile phone.

This can and will have a profound impact upon the ways in which the populace views the government. They have already begun to take a more proactive role; allowing them to realise that one vote truly does make a difference. In the same respect, the royal family is more in touch with their citizens. This is a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.

Much More Than Socialising Alone

While social media might take the forefront of the digital presence attributed to the royals, we need to recognise the fact that modern international ecommerce solutions are also being used to conduct business with overseas partners. This is quite beneficial to the economy of the United Kingdom and strong bonds can be established with portions of the world that might otherwise remain geographically isolated.

So, we can now clearly see that there is a very real functional benefit associated with the digital age in regards to royalty. Will we ever witness the day when a king or queen actively engages with the masses? While this is not likely to happen any time soon, it is an undeniable fact that these technological changes have ushered in an entirely new political era.

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