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‘Diana’ film receives mixed reception from critics after London premiere

It is perhaps the most anticipated film of the year, however ‘Diana’ has been given a mixed reception after its London premiere.

The film, which stars Australian actress Naomi Watts, is based around Diana, Princess of Wales’s relationship with doctor Hasnat Khan, played by Lost star Naveen Andrews.


‘Diana’ sees Naomi Watts play the iconic Princess.

Naomi recently revealed she had been prepared for critics to voice their opinion and admitted she may go into hiding if the film is received badly.

The Daily Mail’s Christopher Tookey admits that “the movie is not as tacky or sensationalist as one might fear” however brands the biopic as “terribly, terribly dull.”

While, the Daily Mirror‘s David Edwards was left unimpressed by two-time Oscar nominated Naomi Watts writing the actress “looks, acts and sounds nothing like the Princess of Wales”.

“Wesley Snipes in a blonde wig would be more convincing,” he adds.

Similarly, The Independent‘s Geoffrey Mcnab agrees “the problem, though, is that she (Naomi) doesn’t really resemble the character she is playing”.

David Gritten, of the Daily Telegraph questions the point of the film. “It’s hardly fascinating,” the critic says. “It doesn’t offer new facts about the Princess’s life.”

However, the film did win some praise from the Evening Standard‘s royal editor Robert Johnson, who describes the film as “very watchable”.

“The cast, sets and cinematography on this big-budget British movie are excellent.

“The Oscar-nominated Watts gives a brilliant, passionate and believable performance as the tragic heroine Diana.”

Whether ‘Diana’ will top the box office remains to be seen, however the controversial film already has many people talking.

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