Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau invites all four Cambridges to visit Canada

With the one year countdown to Canada’s 150th anniversary having started on 1 July, an invitation was sent to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to visit.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invited the entire Cambridge family via a formal invitation sent to Kensington Palace.

Kate Purchase, Trudeau’s director of communications said that the visit could be as early as this autumn already, saying: “The Prime Minister certainly has invited William and Kate and family to come to Canada whenever they are available on their schedule,

“It is a possibility, but again, we don’t have any confirmation. From the Prime Minister’s perspective, we invited them whenever their schedules permitted it,”

The Duke and Duchess first visited Canada just after their wedding in 2011, marking their first royal tour together. Now, five years and two children later, the idea of another tour this time with Prince George and Princess Charlotte coming along has many royal watchers excited.

Since taking office last year, Trudeau has taken the world by storm posing for publications like Paris Match and Vogue. An official visit to Japan also brought out a new kind of frenzy for a political leader. A Liberal commentator and communications strategist spoke of his popularity: “In terms of the public interest and the frenzy that has been surrounding some of the events that the Prime Minister and his wife and his family have been a part of, you can multiply that exponentially if you add in the Royal Family,

“I think the team that surrounds the Trudeau government has really understood strategically that if you have a willing leader who is prepared to walk in Pride and take photos with people and be accessible, then you would use that to your advantage to get people to participate in the political process.”

Kensington Palace has still not confirmed the potential visit, if the children will accompany them or what cities they would travel to.

The Canadian capital, Ottawa, is also preparing for multiple scenarios of other visits by senior members of the Royal Family during the official celebrations next year, including Queen Elizabeth or Prince Charles.