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Canada’s Military Takes Their Part in Queen’s Guard

Canadian Troops will take up their ceremonial duties as the Queen’s Guard in London England on the 18th of June, they will continue until July 3rd.

Personnel from the 2nd Batallion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry as well as members of the Royal Canadian Artillery Band will guard the official royal residences of the UK.

A total of 80 soldiers alongside 35 military musicians will take up their roles.

The troops will take up the duties of the Queen’s Guard in London.

Units from the British Empire and the Commonwealth are given the opportunity to take on the role of the Queen’s Guard. This is a tradition that began in 1916 when Canada provided soldiers to undertake the duties.

Canadian troops are being recognised to mark the 150th anniversary of the Confederation.

The anniversary of the Confederation celebrates Canadian Confederation or the “birth of Canada” This was when the then British colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were united into one Dominion of Canada.

Since 1867 when the original Dominion was created several new provinces territories and provinces have entered the confederation.

A spokesman said the troop had “hours of daily drill practice for over a month under the tutelage of British parade instructors.”

Lieutenant General Paul Wynnyk of the Canadian Army said: ““It is an honour for the Canadian Army to provide soldiers to mount the guard for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We are pleased to play an important role in this long-standing Army tradition in the UK, especially as we in Canada mark Canada 150.”

Major Jason Hudson of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry said that being able to take part in the Queen’s Guard was a “great opportunity for the Canadian Army to highlight its strong link to the crown”