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Boris Johnson sends gift tricycle to Prince George


From apple trees to a bag of coffee, people from across the world have been sending Prince George and his parents presents to celebrate the birth of the future monarch. Now, Boris Johnson is already trying to get the young Prince riding the streets of London on a ‘Boris bike’.

Speaking to LBC radio, the Mayor of London said “we are sending a tricycle, there you go”. However, it seems Mr Johnson was confused when being asked questions about the tricycle mumbling:

“I don’t know actually, I am using the present tense because I think it has gone. I’m looking around I think it has gone. I’m not certain actually. I’m afraid I haven’t personally been out shopping. I imagine it’s a beautiful blue.”

Aides have denied that the tricycle will have the Barclays’ logo on it. The bank sponsors the ‘Boris bikes’ scheme in London where people can rent bicycles to ride in the city. In place of the words “cycle hire” on the ‘Boris bikes’, the royal tricycle will have Prince George’s name on it. Additionally, the serial number of the tricycle will be 220713 to mark the day when Prince George was born.

Boris Johnson bought a similar gift for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their wedding – a tandem version of the London hire bike. Both the tricycle and a tandem similar to the wedding present can link up so the three Cambridges can ride around together.

The royal couple asked for donations to charities rather than presents but this hasn’t stopped people from buying Prince George presents such as the apple tree from Ed Miliband and Roald Dahl books from the Prime Minister.

photo credit: bomvu via photopin cc