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Where is Princess Lalla Salma? Mystery brought to forefront after Spanish state visit to Morocco

After the much-delayed state visit of King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain to Morocco, Princess Lalla Salma has been brought back in the news.

In 2018, rumours circulated outside Morocco that King Mohammed of Morocco and Princess Lalla Salma had divorced. However, as was expected, the Moroccan Royal Court never confirmed or denied the report.

It is a subject the Moroccan media don’t dare to touch, but that hasn’t stopped international publications from discussing their separation or Princess Lalla Salma’s disappearance since then.

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Many want to know and are concerned about where Lalla Salma is. Is she still in Morocco? Italy? Greece? Somewhere else in Europe?

Information is scarce. There have been reports she was seen holidaying in Italy with her two children, Crown Prince Moulay Hassan and Princess Lalla Khadija. Other rumours say she’s living in Greece while others say she’s remained in Morocco.

What we do know is that she has not be seen in public in any official capacity since late 2017. No comments have come from the Royal Palace or members of the Royal Family.

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She did not participate in the Spanish state visit this month, and her absence was noticeable as she has long gotten on well with Queen Letizia and accompanied her around Morocco on previous visits. Her former sister-in-law, Princess Lalla Meryem seems to have taken up the role as “First Lady” in Lalla Salma’s stead. For her part, Princess Lalla Meryem and the other Moroccan princesses were very kind to Queen Letizia and seemed to get on well during the latest trip.

The subject of her whereabouts wasn’t brought up during the Spanish state visit. Questions won’t have time to die down before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex travel to Morocco at the end of this month. It is not likely we will see Lalla Salma then. It remains to be seen if the subject will be broached during that trip.

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When it comes to the custody of her children, it is believed the King has custody, but the Princess regularly sees her children (if reports of her remaining in Morocco out of the public eye are to be believed).

Sadly, the Princess recently lost her grandmother, but her children have been a support to her with Crown Prince Moulay Hassan reportedly even helping her plan the funeral.

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What of her titles? Again, nothing has been confirmed, and it is unlikely to be. Other media outlets have reported she has been allowed to retain her titles as the mother of the future king. She has also kept her security paid for by the King according to the same reports.

One thing is for sure. Princess Lalla Salma is remaining out of the spotlight as she deals with the many changes in her life – whether that is voluntary or involuntary, we do not know.

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