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Saudi Princess flees Paris after ordering bodyguard to kill a man

Princess Hassa, the daughter of Saudi Arabian King Salman, has fled Paris, France, after allegedly ordering her bodyguard to kill a French painter and decorator. She has pleaded diplomatic immunity after telling her bodyguard, “You have to kill this dog, he doesn’t deserve to live.”

The bodyguard was arrested in Paris last week and appeared before a judge on 1 October. He has yet to be named. However, the criminal charges against him range from violence with a firearm to kidnapping. It has been alleged that he attacked a 53-year-old painter inside of a palatial flat on 26 September after the painter was spotted by the Princess taking photographs. He had his hands and feet tied up before she ordered the Frenchman to kiss her feet after her bodyguard assaulted him for four hours. Afterwards, he was kicked out of the flat and told to never return.

Le Point Magazine first broke the story and named the Saudi royal as Princess Hassa, 42, after it had originally only been reported that she was a close relative of the late King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. She is the only daughter of 80-year-old King Salman. She has been known to frequent Paris often and lives an extravagant lifestyle. Princess Hassa has insisted that she did nothing wrong.

When the unnamed bodyguard appeared in court on Saturday, he said that he had only done the minimum of what was necessary to restrain the painter and decorator, and he admitted he was carrying an automatic pistol, which was legal for him due to his position as a “diplomatic guard.” He accused the Frenchman of intending to sell the photos of the flat to the media. However, the judicial police have said that decorators taking photographs of their work on their phones are normal.

The bodyguard’s attorney disputed the claims by the French painter saying, “There were more than twenty people in the apartments. How can the facts as outlined by the complainant have been overlooked?”

The Frenchman has asked for the return of his tools and a payment of close to £16,000 for the work he had completed. Detectives did enter the flat on Avenue Foch, close to Arc de Triomphe, last week to retrieve the tools for the workman.

The Saudi Arabian embassy has, so far, refused to comment on the case.

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