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Republican cause at a 20 year low in Australia

<![CDATA[Support for an Australian republic has reached a 20 year low with just 39.4% of Australians saying that they would favour a republic.
Australian Republicanism is at a 20 year low.

A poll which was conducted by ReachTEL found that 41.6% of people oppose the country becoming a republic and the remaining 19% have no opinion.
Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy convener, David Flint, said that these findings are a “time bomb” for republicans because most of the people in favour of a republic are aged between 35-65 years old.

“That is a time bomb, I believe, for republicans, because you don’t have that investment for the future” – David Flint

Mr Flint added that the younger people in Australia are favourable to the monarchy partly because of the star appeal of the “young royals”, such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.
In light of the results from the poll, it was just 14 years ago that Australians voted ‘no’ to whether it should become a republic in a referendum.
The poll results also come just days after  General Peter Cosgrove was announced to become the 26th Governor General of Australia.
General Cosgrove was widely supported by male voters in the ReachTEL poll, with 61.9% of men saying he was a better choice for the role than the present Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, who is due to retire in March.
photo credit: Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office via photopin cc]]>