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Lord Adonis says Boris Johnson has committed an ‘extreme dereliction of duty’ as he puts The Queen into an ‘unconstitutional position’

Photo Credit: Chatham House (Wikimedia Commons)

A member of the House of Lords has accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of commuting an ‘extreme dereliction of duty’ over the situation he has placed The Queen.

Taking to Twitter Lord Adonis said: “For the prime minister to put the Queen in this unconstitutional position is an extreme dereliction of duty.”

The Labour Peer is one of many politicians who have criticised the Prime Minister over his decision to suspend porougue Parliament in September in an effort to leave the European Union.

Former Conservative Minister Justine Greening said: “Totally wrong to prorogue Parliament. Everyone can see this for what it is, a grubby attempt to force No Deal.

“As a Privy Counsellor & MP, I cannot support putting the Queen in an impossible position & closing down debate.”

Politicians are reacting in anger to the news that the government plans to suspend Parliament from September til mid-October.

As a result, MPs will have little time to block a no-deal Brexit against Parliament’s wishes.

This puts The Queen in the unenviable position of balancing the needs of the Executive against the Legislature.