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Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson & Anna Soubry demand a meeting with The Queen at Balmoral

Chris McAndrew / UK Parliament

The leaders of political parties in Westminster have written to The Queen demanding a meeting over the decision to prorogue Parliament.

In a letter to the monarch, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “There is a danger that the royal prerogative is being set directly against the wishes of a majority in the House of Commons.”

He ended his letter asking for a meeting with Her Majesty before she reached her decision, however, the order has now already been signed.

Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson has also written to The Queen requesting a meeting, as has Change UK Leader Anna Soubry.

Ms Swinson said: “I’ve written to The Queen to express my concern at Boris Johnson’s anti-democratic plan to shut down Parliament, and to request an urgent meeting.

Ms Soubry tweeted: “I have written to HM the Queen asking her for a meeting with other Privy Councillors following the PMs anti democratic proposal to prorogue Parliament.”