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British colonial flag hung in Hong Kong legislative chamber

The British colonial flag is currently being hung in the legislative chamber of Hong Kong after protestors stormed the building.

After defacing the Hong Kong Bauhinia emblem in the chamber, protestors proceeded to fly the old style flag in the parliament building which was invaded on Monday night.

The British colonial flag is a common sight at protests in Hong Kong. This week marks 22 years since the region seized to be British Overseas Territory.

The Prince of Wales attended the handover in 1997, which marked the transfer of sovereignty when Hong Kong was returned to China.

The current situation inside the Hong Kong legislative chamber has arisen after dozens of demonstrators broke through the glass of the building.

Hundreds of people then flooded into the building, spray-painting and defacing the walls.

The group involved in the unrest is only formed of a small pocket of protestors, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets.

Police had earlier said they would use force if protesters charged legislative building, however, the riot police appear to have retreated.

The protests, which have been taking place for many weeks, stem from a controversial bill that would allow citizens to be extradited to mainland China.