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Prince Andrew ‘challenged’ at Buckingham Palace

The Duke of York was challenged by armed officers on Wednesday in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, The Sunday Express reports.

Scotland Yard have confirmed that a man was stopped in the Palace gardens at around 6pm on Wednesday and ordered to verify his identity, but said that no weapons were drawn in the incident.

The incident happened just two days after a man was arrested on suspicion of burglary inside the Palace and a security review has been put underway after an intruder was able to get over the fence and into the home of The Queen.

The Sunday Express reports that Prince Andrew was told by the police to “put your hands up and get on the ground” after they mistook him for an intruder.

The paper also suggests that there is an internal inquiry in the palace, however, there has been no official word from the Palace. Royal protection officers were said to be ‘jittery’ after the break in on Monday.

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Express, an insider said:

“He just went out into the gardens for a walk, to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

“It was only in the early evening and so was light.

“When he got to a far corner away from the Palace, he was suddenly pounced upon by an officer, and another was not far behind.

“They shouted all the usual, put your hands up and get on the ground, and both pointed their guns straight at him.

“What no one can understand is why they didn’t recognise him, and there was a sort of Mexican stand-off for a few tense seconds, maybe half a minute.

“Eventually, after he insisted he was Prince Andrew, the penny finally dropped, and they put their guns away.”

photo credit: ZeroOne via photopin cc