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Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Plant Trees At Anmer Hall For Privacy

Anmer Hall, the cottage the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to be given as a gift from The Queen as a country home, has had trees planted around the cottage in what seems like an attempt to increase privacy from outsiders. The cottage, with its 10 bedrooms and on The Queen’s 20,000 acre estate is now an almost dead-cert for the Duke and Duchess as a country retreat.

The detailed planning application, described as a ‘major deveopment’ in council papers, cannot be seen on the website for King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council for security reasons.

The plans also involve moving the main gates for the property further down a lane away from the house so members of the public will not be able to get so close to it.

They also plan to build a longer driveway for even further privacy measures.

No local residents have lodged an form of complaint over the works and the application is to be reviewed by specially designated officials as to whether it will be accepted or not. It is pretty much certain it will be accepted, however.

The hall was earlier leased to the Duke and Duchess of Kent as their country house from 1972 until 1990.

The village of Anmer has no pub or shop and had a population of just 63 in the 2001 census, but it has a social club which is open on Friday evenings and Saturday lunchtimes.

The cottage is on The Queen’s private Sandringham Estate in Norfolk and is owned by Her Majesty, not as Monarch but as personal property of Her Majesty. Unlike Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, Sandringham House (and its estate) and Balmoral Castle are personal possessions of Her Majesty, handed down to her from her father, the late King George VI.

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