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What does Princess Anne really think of President Trump?

Photo copyright: Charlie Proctor / Royal Central

So what did she say? A clip of the Princess Royal taking part in a conversation in which several world leaders appear to question Donald Trump’s behaviour has become one of this week’s biggest social media hits. But while the words of Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, can be clearly made out in the video, the response of Princess Anne remains unheard.

The top of Anne’s famous, never changing hairdo can just be seen in a clip recorded at a Buckingham Palace reception on Tuesday in which the Royal Family joined global heads of state to mark the 70th anniversary of NATO. The princess is standing with Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, President Emmanuel Macron of France and the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, as they appear to talk about President Trump.

In the clip, which has been shared thousands of times around the world, the Canadian Prime Minister talks about a press conference before Emmanual Macron passionately launches into another comment, raising laughs from those around him. It has been suggested they were discussing President Trump who had earlier held an unscheduled questions and answers session with the media.

The clip ends with Princess Anne contributing. However, her words are inaudible leaving us all to wonder whether she had her own Trump tale to tell – at the same event, she was spotted in an exchange with her mother about when she should walk into the reception. Anne appeared to hesitate as the US President and First Lady were talking to those offering the official welcome, including the Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall before Her Majesty gestured to her.

It should be pointed out that while all those involved in the recorded conversation were well aware of a high media presence in the room, with no visible microphones in their near vicinity they may have been unaware that their conversation could be heard or was being taped.

But whatever happened, it’s got plenty of people wondering just what the princess really thinks of the president.

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